The Cure Parkinson's Trust (CPT) is delighted to join the Pistoia Alliance. 

CPT has an innovative approach to finding a cure. Through our International Linked Clinical Trials Programme, we have identified a large number of drugs with the potential to change the course of Parkinson’s.  Each year dossiers of these drugs are prioritised by a committee of Parkinson’s experts and CPT focuses its energies on bringing these prioritised candidates into clinical trials for people with Parkinson’s.  This programme has now evolved and includes 17 drugs in trial, and many more in the pipeline. This pipeline comprises some candidates owned by Pistoia members.  

If CPT is to reach its goal of finding a cure we need non-competitive data collection and sharing, particularly around genetics, and we need innovative thinking around clinical trials and outcomes. Joining the forward-thinking Pistoia Alliance we believe we have the right support and skills to enable this.

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