We endeavour to make our clinical trials as similar as possible in terms of number of participants, duration of trial and results used whilst continually focusing on adapting and amending our methodologies wherever necessary to ensure trial effectiveness, efficiency and viable outcomes. We maintain the patient as the key focal-point of each trial - click on this link to view the Parkinson's Movement Clinical Trials Charter. We also aim to use the latest technology in measuring outcomes in trials - click on this link to view Parkinson's Movement's measurement initiative.

Streamlining our trials in this way provides the foundation to make comparisons of different drugs in trials to then determine which has the greatest effect and therefore which should be nurtured through regulation into clinic.

The innovative approach of the Linked Clinical Trials committee suggests there may be more rapid and inexpensive avenues for testing novel therapies in Parkinsons... This is critical in an environment in which costs for drug trials have escalated and have become a significant hurdle.

Excerpt from 'A new approach to disease-modifying drug trials in Parkinson’s disease, The Journal of Clinical Investigation May 2013' by Roger A. Barker Mark Stacy and Patrik Brundin. Please Click here to read the full article.

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