Professor Patrik Brundin, Chairman of the Linked Clinical Trials (LCT) committee pictured above left with Tom Isaacs, late Co-founder and President of The Cure Parkinson's Trust.

The LCT programme fast-tracks potential treatments for Parkinson's. These treatments are prioritised by a committee of the world's leading Parkinson's authorities, using their expertise and understanding of the condition to identify the most promising drugs to bring in to trial. The current focus is on drugs that are already used to treat other conditions, through repurposing, and applying them to Parkinson's. The committee prioritises these drugs according to the likely impact they will have to slow, stop or reverse the condition. The most promising of these are then trialled in people with Parkinson's to establish their effectiveness.

LCT scientific committee members hail from some of the leading research organisations in the world and have extensive experience treating all facets of Parkinson’s disease. Scientific committee members meet annually to evaluate potential treatments that may be repositioned to treat Parkinson’s disease.

In April 2017, the Garvan Institute, Shake It Up Australia and Parkinson’s Australia announced their plans to begin running Parkinson's clinical trials under the LCT programme in Australia.


The LCT Scientific Committee

Patrik Brundin, M.D., Ph.D. (Scientific Committee chair) - Associate Director of Research, Jay Van Andel Endowed Chair in Parkinson’s Research
Director of the Center for Neurodegenerative Science
Van Andel Research Institute, Grand Rapids, USA

Further reading: Patrik Brundin - Life on the River - published in The Lancet : March 22, 2019 

Professor Roger Barker, MBBS, MRCP, Ph.D. - Professor of Clinical Neuroscience
University of Cambridge, UK

Camille Carroll, M.D. - Honorary Consultant Neurologist, Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust, UK

Flint Beal, M.D. - University Professor, Professor of Neuroscience, Professor of Neurology
Cornell University, Ithaca, USA

Ted Dawson, M.D., Ph.D. - Leonard and Madlyn Abramson Professor of Neurodegenerative Diseases
Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA

P. Jeffrey Conn, Ph.D. - Lee E. Limbard Professor of Pharmacology
Director, Vanderbilt Center for Neuroscience Drug Discovery
Vanderbilt University, Nashville, USA

Howard Federoff, M.D., Ph.D. - Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs, Dean School of Medicine, Professor Neurology
University California at Irvine, USA

Professor Tom Folytnie, Ph.D. - Consultant Neurologist and Senior Lecturer at the National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery
University College, London, UK

Karl Kieburtz, M.D., MPH - Robert J. Joynt Professor in Neurology
Director of Clinical and Translational Science Institute, University of Rochester Medical Center
University of Rochester, Rochester, USA

Professor Andrew Lees, F.R.C.P., FMedSci - Professor of Neurology, The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Queen’s Square
Emeritus Director, Reta Lila Weston Institute of Neurological Sciences, University College London Institute of Neurology
University College London, U.K.

Mark Mattson, Ph.D. - Chief, Laboratory of Neurosciences, National Institute on Aging
Professor of Neuroscience, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA

Michael Schwarzschild, M.D., Ph.D. - Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School
Director of the Molecular Neurobiology Lab, Massachusetts General Institute for Neurodegenerative Disease
Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard University, Boston, USA

David Sulzer, M.D.
Professor of Clinical Neurology, Pharmacology and Psychiatry, Research Laboratories for Parkinson's Disease
Columbia University, New York, USA

David Simon, M.D.
Director, National Parkinson Foundation Center of Excellence Parkinson's Disease Center
Associate Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, USA

Caroline Tanner, M.D., Ph.D., F.A.A.N. - Director, Parkinson’s Disease Research Education and Clinical Center, San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Professor of Neurology, University of California, San Francisco, USA

John Trojanowski, M.D. - William Maul Measey-Truman G. Schnabel Professor of Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA

Dimitri Krainc, M.D. - Chair, Department of Neurology
Director, Center for Rare Neurological Diseases (CRND), Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago, USA

Mark R. Cookson, Ph.D. - Senior Investigator, Laboratory of Neurogenetics, NIH, USA

Brian Fiske, Ph.D.Senior Vice President, Research Programs - The Michael J.Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research

Dr Richard Wyse, - Director of Research and Development The Cure Parkinson’s Trust, UK

The LCT Executive Committee   

James Beck, Ph.D., - Vice President, Scientific Affairs, Parkinson’s Disease Foundation

Kuldip Dave, Ph.D., - Associate Director, Research Programs, Michael J Fox Foundation

Dr. Arthur Roach, - Director Research and Development, Parkinson’s UK

Beth-Ann Sieber, Ph.D., - NINDS, USA

In previous years the Medical Research Council (MRC) and Wellcome Trust have also attended our LCT meeetings. Other invitees include representatives of the Parkinson's Disease Foundation, Parkinson's UK, Parkinson's Movement, Garvan Institute, Dystonia Society, UTS and guests of The Cure Parkinson’s Trust