UK Trials Recruiting

We fund and support clinical trials which seek to slow, stop or reverse Parkinson's. Find out about the trials which are recruiting (part of our International Linked Clinical Trials programme developed in partnership with the Van Andel Institute - VAI) :

The Adept PD Trial (nortriptyline)

This trial is recruiting 408 people across 30 centres across the UK. Funded by the NIHR with support from The Cure Parkinson's Trust (CPT), the trial lead is Professor Anette Schrag Royal Free London). Find out more about this trial.

The Bydureon (exendin) Phase lll Trial

This clinical trial, supported by CPT and VAI, is testing the effects of the diabetes drug Bydureon in people with Parkinson's. The trial is recruiting 200 participants in six centres in the UK.

The trial lead is Professor Tom Foltynie (UCL Queen Square, Neurology). Find out more about this trial.

The PD-STAT trial (simvastatin)

This trial is underway and recruitment has completed. Supported by CPT and J P Moulton Foundation, the results are expected in 2020. Find out more about Simvastatin and Parkinson's here.

The AIM-PD Study (ambroxol)

Supported by CPT, VAI and the John Black Foundation, the phase ll clinical trial of ambroxol in Parkinson's has completed. Details of the next phase of this trial programme will follow. Find out more about Ambroxol in Parkinson's here.

The FAIRPARK ll Trial (deferiprone)

Two phase ll trials addressing the safety and tolerability of Deferiprone in people with Parkinson’s has completed and the next phase will be recruiting soon. Find out more about Deferiprone in Parkinson's here.

The UP Study (UDCA)

This trial is now underway and recruitment is now complete. Supported by CPT and J P Moulton Foundation, the results are expected 2020/21 Find out more about the UDCA in Parkinson's study here.


SPHERE (Sensor Platform for Healthcare in a Residential Environment)

There have been some fantastic innovations in the use of technology to assess people with Parkinson’s, predominantly with mobile or wearable devices. Now, there is a project in Bristol called SPHERE - which could enhance what is currently known about Parkinson's. SPHERE have developed sensors for the home to diagnose and help manage health and well-being conditions. The technology will aid early diagnosis, lifestyle change and the ability of patients to live at home. Contact Dr Catherine Morgan
Clinical Research Fellow and Neurology Specialist Registrar to find out more: [email protected]


Non-UK Trials Recruiting

The Lixisenatide Trial - France 

Another trial with the promising GLP-1 receptor agonist cohort and co-funded by CPT and VAI through the International Linked Clinical Trials initiative, this study will evaluate the effect of the diabetes drug lixisenatide versus placebo in Parkinson's. Find out more about this trial here.

The Liraglutide Trial - U.S.

A further GLP-1 agonist trial is taking place at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, U.S. and was selected by the International Linked Clinical Trials committee. It is being co-funded by CPT and VAI. Find out more about this trial here.

The SPARC Proseek (K0706) Trial - U.S., Hungary, Spain, Poland, Slovenia

This novel c-Abl inhibitor drug trial is recruiting in Spain, Hungary, Slovenia, Poland and the U.S. Find out more about the trial here.

Further Trials Recruiting

Although not funded by CPT, there are further trials that may be of interest. If you do not match the eligibility criteria for one of the trials above, the trials below might be more relevant to you and will be recruiting in 2020:

The Rapsodi Study - Find out more.

Chief PD is seeking to recruit over 600 participants

PD Frontline - Find out more

Other Trial Recruitment Websites Which Might Be of Interest

NIHR - Be Part of Research

Journal of Parkinson’s Disease - Clinical Trial Highlights - this is a great initiative from the Journal of Parkinson’s Disease, providing a dedicated section covering ongoing clinical trials - a valuable resource for researchers and patients alike.

The Hope List - Dr Kevin McFarthing : The Hope List resource has been developed by people with Parkinson’s to identify trials in the Parkinson’s space that may be of interest. These advocates have taken the hard work out of identifying possible trials for you, and compiled all of this information into one useful resource. 

Fox Trial Finder