The Virgin Money London Marathon is one of the world’s most iconic marathons and is always an excellent day for CPT. However, fundraising and training for this event is a big commitment, so before applying please read our FAQ’s to learn about how charity places work.

What is the difference between an Own Place and a Charity Place?

An own place is one that you have secured yourself directly with the London Marathon through the ballot or ‘best for age’ system. A charity place is one which The Cure Parkinson’s Trust has purchased to secure for you.

Why does CPT ask for a minimum sponsorship for charity places?

The Cure Parkinson’s Trust receives only a small number of Virgin Money London Marathon places each year and these are always hugely oversubscribed. These places cost on average £1,800 each to purchase which is why we ask for a minimum sponsorship of £2,500 per person (excluding Gift Aid). This ensures that we cover our costs and that we also raise some funds in the process which goes towards funding research to find a cure for Parkinson’s disease. If our runners do not meet the minimum sponsorship then the charity unfortunately makes a loss.

What if I am unable to meet the £2,500 fundraising target?

We strongly advise only applying for a charity place if you are confident that you can reach this target. The deadline for CPT to submit their charity team is the 1st Friday in February. If you have a charity place, but feel you are unable to raise the minimum sponsorship ahead of this date please let us knows (preferably with at least 2 months’ notice) and we can find a replacement runner to reuse this place. Always remember that we are here to help and support you. If you need fundraising ideas or want to know how to maximise donations please contact Grace for advice.

If we are unable to reach you, you do not raise funds for CPT and you do take part in the Marathon, you will be added to a ‘low performers list’ by the London Marathon. This will mean that if you would like to take part in the future for another charity, they will be alerted and may choose to cancel your place.

We do not wish to add anyone to this list, so please do keep in touch and let us know if you have any concerns.

What if I am injured and am unable to take part in the London Marathon after the February deadline has passed?

We understand that when training for events accidents do happen and your health and wellbeing is of huge importance to us. If you have been told by a doctor not to run, then we believe you must take this advice seriously. If you do not run your place will roll over into the next year, meaning that CPT will still be able to use it and will not lose out on funds.

We strongly advise that if you have any health concerns that you do not attempt to take part. Once you cross the start line, regardless if you do not finish, your place will not roll over to next year.